Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Simple Valentine's Day Boxes

At a valentine card party, I learned how to make origami boxes. After making one, I decided to make a bunch more to decorate, fill with candy, and place around my house. They're really easy to make and super cute! I took a bunch of pictures of the process but realized a video would be much more useful and easier to follow.

I also searched for online instructions; if you'd rather use those, click here. If you use the online instructions, I suggest you don't make the "mountain folds" as it calls them. This will make it so you have an x on the top of your finished box. Instead draw the lines with a pencil or otherwise mark the center.
The squares of paper I used were 12x12 (the box in the top left), 8.5x8.5 (three of the above boxes), and 6x6 (the striped box).

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