Friday, December 23, 2011

Book Review: The Host

Star Rating 5/5

The Host

By Stephenie Meyer

Wanderer has been in multiple hosts, each on a different planet, but she has never experienced anyone like Melanie Stryder or any place like Earth. No host has fought her for her body, and yet no planet has been so worth fighting for—for either of them.

When the Wanderer’s fellow souls decided she should be put into the body of Melanie Stryder, they believed Wanderer would be able to easily access Melanie’s mind. Unfortunately, unlike the other hosts Wanderer has had, Melanie refuses to leave or give Wanderer full access to her thoughts. Instead Melanie barrages Wanderer with painful memories, taunts her constantly, and rarely lets any information about herself or the human resistance slip. That is until Melanie shares her love for Jared, one of the few remaining free humans, and accidentally lets Wanderer know about her little brother Jamie. Soon Wanderer finds herself in love and determined to protect a family she’s never met and who could never accept her. After all, she’s taken over Melanie’s body and her true family—the other souls—have taken over the entire planet.

The Host is a thoroughly engrossing novel. Meyer doesn’t disappoint with her venture into science fiction. Her alien species is well-crafted, keeping the reader from easily writing them off as villainous. The readers will find themselves questioning whose side they are on—the souls or the humans—and whether either side is “right.” As I read, I struggled constantly as I tried to figure out who I felt was the hero and who was in the wrong. I was impressed by Meyer’s ability to keep me waffling—against my own species, no less! I loved this book and see this as Meyer’s best novel thus far. Move over Twilight, The Host has taken me over.

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