Friday, February 24, 2012

Monochromatic Animal Prints

I finally finished! After sketching my designs on the canvases with pencil, I painted each animal using acrylic paints. I used two shades of each color and mixed the two for the third color (or for the third and fourth color since the dog has four shades). I used the lightest shade for the backdrop and the darkest shade for the outline and features. I tried to be light on the paint so that it would give the look of some texture. It turned out the best on the dog. I love how they turned out!

Here are some close-ups:

Orange Cat

Blue Dog

Pink Mouse

I think that maybe I'll do different animals for each child we have...or maybe I'll do something completely different. I do like the idea of Owen being able to have these when he and his future wife have their first baby.

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